Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

Report from JIAS Toronto Leadership

Message from Elise Herzig, Executive Director, JIAS

This Annual Report highlights our work from April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023, but before, let me rewind to three months prior to the beginning of our fiscal year, January 2022. I was developing the budget to present to the JIAS Board which had recommended a one-year stabilization strategy with minimal additional growth because the agency had committed to the following time-sensitive projects which would stretch our resources:

  • Building infrastructure to support a post-Covid hybrid workplace.
  • Launching community outreach initiatives for the centennial celebrations.
  • Expanding our sponsorship targets to 100 refugees.
  • Rolling out our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion research initiative.
  • Implementing trauma-informed workshops through funding from the Ontario Brain Institute.

My plan articulated the many benefits of putting on pause any additional projects as we were at capacity and needed to recalibrate. My plan never made it to a Board meeting.

The unprecedented number of Ukrainians entering Canada, the urgent need to sponsor Afghan refugees, the dire demand for immigrant housing, and the potential risks to unaccompanied minors from Ukraine rendered my plan obsolete.

As a settlement agency with deep roots in supporting immigrants and refugees from Ukraine, as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with the ability to privately sponsor refugees, and as a Jewish organization that knows the dangers of sending unaccompanied minors to other countries from our experience in the Holocaust, we recognized that we were uniquely positioned to lead and respond.

So, we did.

The JIAS board supported our shift to expand staffing, adapt service delivery, and develop new partnerships. This growth strategy positioned our agency to become a leading responder to the urgent needs of displaced Ukrainians and Afghan refugees.

In the Jewish text the Ethics of the Fathers, Ben Zoma states, “Who is wise? One who learns from every person.” I thank each of our JIAS staff, board, volunteers, donors, funders, and clients who contribute to our agency – both in actions and ideas. I learn from each of you, every day.

Our team has expanded to represent the diverse communities we serve and operates on common values, dedication, integrity, and empathy. Whether you are a front-line worker or provide essential supports that take place behind the scenes, each of you are an integral part of the JIAS team and your contributions are equally valued. Individually and collectively, you are the dream team of the settlement sector. 

Our Board brings a multi-faceted skillset to our agency. They provide their time and talent to ensure JIAS remains sustainable and has the necessary procedures, controls, resources, and systems to achieve our strategic priorities. They lead by example and provide sage advice. Under the leadership of Anna Morgan, our Board Chair, JIAS transformed into a trusted thought leader and partner of choice. Anna, thank you for your unwavering support and non-stop effort in an exciting and challenging time of growth.

To our volunteers who are the backbone of all that we do. Your compassion, kindness, and caring gives our clients hope and a sense of belonging.  

To our donors, thank you for your generosity and confidence in our ability to make an impactful difference. Your support allows us to be more agile, responsive, and innovative. Without your support, we would not have accomplished all that we did this year.

To our funders, we thank you for your continued support and trust.

To our partners, thank you. It is a privilege to collaborate and join forces with your incredible teams.

To our clients. Your bravery, tenacity, and resilience fuel our efforts, touch our hearts, and strengthen our resolve.  

To the eldest child of five Afghan orphans whom we sponsored and welcomed in November, I salute your resoluteness in keeping your family intact – you were the glue that kept your family safe and in doing so, you carried on your parents’ wishes at great cost to yourself.

To the Ukrainian caregiver and her thirteen-year-old son, who brought to Canada an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor. They advocated for her and now live with her in Canada so that she is not alone. We are grateful for how you treat her with dignity and love.

To our refugee who balances building a life in Canada and dealing with the trauma of leaving behind loved ones. When you choose to volunteer at JIAS as part of your path forward, you bring hope and understanding to other refugees.

While it has been an amazing year with a lot of successes, there are big questions the sector needs to address that will require even more partnerships, collaborations, and new thinking. JIAS has already started this process by initiating a community practice of sharing lessons within the sector on diversity, equity, and inclusion, building a crisis response plan, and exploring what an agency of the future must look like. We are proud to live in a country that values newcomers. This is a time for Canadians – governments, institutions, communities, and individuals – to rally together in support of newcomers as they play a vital role in our economic and social well-being. And JIAS, as we always have, will continue to lead, advocate, and innovate.

Thank you,
Elise Herzig
Executive Director

Message from Anna Morgan, Chair, JIAS Board of Directors

Two years ago, when I became JIAS chair, I could never have imagined how much the world would change, nor how important immigration and settlement work would become in Canada.

I also could never have imagined what a truly incredible team I would have to help me, whether we were facing a crisis, which unfortunately has become part of our normal environment, or when dealing with the day-to-day questions faced by immigrants. Our staff tireless, our volunteers energetic, our board determined, and our donors never fail to open their hearts.

For example, when COVID hit JIAS was put into crisis management mode. How would we service our clients when so many of them were on their own? How would we get them laptops so that they could access services? How do we provide the reassurance that we all need during this difficult time? We began to implement a more flexible board process to deal with the changing needs of the organization. When news began about a possible war in Ukraine, JIAS began to discuss its impact on immigration long before newspapers recognized it as a real possibility. Through these challenges we never flinched. The Board, its committees, and JIAS staff and volunteers worked together as a giant team to deal with the crises at hand. Biweekly meetings became weekly meetings, then daily meetings and then sometimes hourly meetings. Donors volunteered their time and their money to help. Board members asked for tasks before we even recognized what the next steps needed to be. I watched Elise Herzig and the JIAS staff rise to the challenge. All of you make me so proud to be part of this organization.

I must recognize the people who worked with me on the Board over the past few years to make sure that we thrived. Thank you to: Moy Gutfrajnd, Bonnie Zelman, and Errol Tenenbaum, who made sure that our accounting was always above board and transparent in a changing environment. Winston Persaud, who kept the human resources part of the process clear and on track during a time of crisis and growth. And to Amyn Sarif for keeping our networks safe and reminding us of the importance of cyber security. Jacqueline Valmont and her committee for examining strategic partnerships. Linda Igra for formalizing a much-needed crisis management plan. David Lubek, who jumped into many of our committees to help wherever he could and who will be our new vice-chair moving forward. Bari Zittell, for your leadership in working with and supporting constituent groups. Adam Hummel, who helped with legal matters and questions in a changing immigration environment. Nanette, who originally got me involved in JIAS, always made sure that the hard questions were addressed at our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion meetings. Ariel Lasry and Shelly Markel for all their work on our Executive Committee, ensuring we remain on track. As Shelly Markel steps into the role of our board Chair, I speak for everyone in wishing her great success. I would also like to welcome Joe Milstone and Vlad Volodarski to our Board, your input has already been felt.

As I end my term as Chair and reflect on the past few years, I feel inspired and honored to have worked with all of you. We did it. We navigated unfamiliar terrain with bravery. We never buckled under critical load. While not every moment was perfect, and at times the enormity of the tasks at hand felt overwhelming, we did everything we could to meet our goals. As a result of our efforts, JIAS has become a vital part of the global community of settlement agencies.

Thank you,
Anna Morgan
Board Chair

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2022-2023 Year in Review

Our Mission

We welcome, support, and integrate new immigrants and refugees to build a vibrant Jewish community and a strong, inclusive Canada that values all newcomers. 

Our Mission
Our Values

Our Values

Rooted in Jewish values and guided by the principle of welcoming the stranger in our midst, we believe that all newcomers should be warmly welcomed, well serviced, and connected to communities. Immigrants and refugees have the right to be safe, treated with dignity and respect, and valued for their traditions, cultures, achievements, and aspirations. We believe that newcomers should be provided with choices and opportunities that will empower them towards self-reliance.

Our Services

JIAS helps immigrants and refugees overcome social, economic, and cultural barriers to become full and active participants in the community. We connect newcomers to people, organizations, programs, and opportunities that help them thrive.

In 2022-2023, JIAS saw exponential growth in high need clients, and has adapted our  programs and services to meet the urgent and ongoing needs of these vulnerable newcomers.

Our Services

Highlights from the Year

As part of our Community Engagement work, JIAS staff provide opportunities for students to learn about the refugee experience and the contributions of refugees.

JIAS Executive Director Elise Herzig with the Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Honourable Ya’ara Saks, MP, meeting on the pressing needs of newcomers. 

As part of our 100 year anniversary, JIAS celebrated the contributions of past leaders such as Maurice Benzacar, known as “Mr. JIAS,” pictured here with his family.


JIAS staff and Afghan women clients at the Canadian Opera Company, where renowned Iranian-Canadian artists expressed solidarity with Iranian and Afghan women. 

JIAS’ Program for Newcomer Teens at the Prosserman JCC, where the teens met with peers and enjoyed the great facilities. 

Students in the JIAS Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada program (LINC) visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to learn about the provincial government.

Two Paths
To Canada

There are two categories of people who come to Canada; those who come by choice and those who come by circumstance.

Immigrants come by choice. They have researched or tried out life in Canada and decided it would be a good option for them, whether their goals are family reunification, economic opportunities, or a different lifestyle.

Refugees come by circumstance. Fleeing their country, they are unable to return home and are living outside their country of origin. Many have experienced horrors and all have a well-founded fear of persecution. For the first time in decades, the majority of new JIAS clients are coming because of circumstance, fleeing their homes to find safety in Canada.

Whether by choice or by circumstance, being a newcomer presents many challenges that JIAS can help our clients overcome.

Two Paths<br>To Canada
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Ghila Birman came to Canada by choice from Mexico with her husband and three children.

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Zainab came to Canada by circumstance, escaping grave danger in her home of Kabul, Afghanistan.

Volunteer Spotlight:
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Volunteer Spotlight:

Private Sponsorship of
Refugees Program

JIAS Toronto’s Sponsorship Agreement Holder status with the federal government enables our agency to sponsor refugees to come to Canada under the Private Sponsorship of Refugees program. This work is ongoing and growing in need. Record numbers of refugees continue to come to Canada, many of whom are, and will be, clients of JIAS. Core to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees model are volunteers who help the refugees in their first year in Canada. The dedication of our volunteers is one of the greatest strengths of JIAS. Pam Albert is an example. Together with a friend, Pam sponsored a Rwandan family. They were able to partner with a strong group of volunteers at Holy Blossom Temple, and now this refugee family has begun a new chapter in Canada with support, strength, and love.

Partner Spotlight: Airbnb.org
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Partner Spotlight: Airbnb.org

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the world watched horrific scenes of bombed-out buildings, cities under siege, and desperate people trying to escape through land borders. Ukrainians hoped the war would end quickly. But, as the violence escalated, many sought refuge in other countries, too scared or unable to return home.

Canada responded with an emergency temporary visa program that ultimately approved over 815,000 applicants, of which an unprecedented 170,000 arrived in Canada within 16 months. Thousands more are still anticipated to arrive.

JIAS recognized that Ukrainians would have urgent and specific needs upon arrival in Canada. To plan strategically, JIAS proactively worked with partner groups that were on the ground in countries neighbouring Ukraine to share an intake form with displaced Ukranians to gather information before they moved to Canada. Our data indicated that most respondents would need immediate housing. After hearing about Airbnb.org’s commitment to provide free, short-term housing to up to 100,000 Ukrainians fleeing the war, JIAS reached out to Airbnb.org and became the first Canadian settlement agency to become a partner in achieving this goal. We then helped another settlement agency build a similar relationship. This collaboration was a game changer for the agency, allowing JIAS to further its mission of removing barriers for immigrants and refugees integrating into Canada.

The partnership was so successful that the original funding provided by Airbnb.org has more than doubled and the scope of the mandate extends beyond the Ukraine crisis to include other refugee populations in need. JIAS and Airbnb.org are fulfilling their third agreement together as partners.

Thank You to Our Trusted Partners

Partnerships and Collaboration

JIAS is a pioneer of research and innovative collaboration, whose joint work is often shared across the settlement sector as best-practice.

Ontario Brain Institute
To study the impact of JIAS’ Mental Health group programs.

The Kunin-Lunenfeld Centre for Applied Research & Evaluation (KL-CARE)
To conduct research on mental health interventions with vulnerable newcomer populations.

University of Toronto, The Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
To explore anti-racism through the lens of a newcomer.

University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business
To conduct an environmental scan of the changes in the immigration ecosystem.

To help solve the immediate, short-term housing needs of Ukrainian clients arriving in Canada.

Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence
To conduct a national study and develop a report to protect unaccompanied and separated minors coming to Canada under CUAET.

JIAS makes referrals to a long list of agencies.  We also benefit from in-kind contributions and work closely with partner organizations to sponsor refugees, meet client needs, and amplify our mission. Here are a few of the trusted partners that JIAS worked closely with in 2022-2023::

Azrieli Foundation

Bernard Betel Centre

30 Birds Foundation

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Camp Lubavitch

Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society

Circle of Care

City of Toronto & United Way North York Cluster of Social Service Agencies

City of Toronto & United Way Newcomer Cluster



The Jack & Pat Kay Centre Camp

JVS Toronto

JF&CS (Jewish Family and Child Services)

JF&CS Family Resource Centre

JRCC (Jewish Russian Community Centre)

Kehilla Residential Programme

Lifeline Afghanistan

Malala Fund

Miles Nadal JCC

National Council of Jewish Women, Toronto


OLAM Together

Ontario Jewish Archives

Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Project Abraham

Prosserman JCC

Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights

RUN Hong Kong Ltd

Saskatoon Open Door Society

Schwartz-Reisman JCC

Shawna Goodman & Todd Sone Family Foundation

Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto 

UJA Genesis

York Region Local Immigration Partnership

York Region Social Services

York Region Centre for Community Safety

Your Impact

Thank you to the following generous donors and grant funders for their significant donations.

Phil Aber
Stephen Abma
Olga Abramova
Jonathan C. Abrams
Marcy & Leonard Abramsky Family Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Beth Abramson
Marlyne Abramson
Marlene Adelson
Max Adelson
Mitchell Adelson
Sheldon Adelson
Judy Adler Lotin
Kirill Afonin
Daniel Ages
Elena Aleinikov
Julia Yael Alekseev
Alex U. Soyka Foundation
Segal Alexandra
Harrison Allen
Tova Allen
Diana Alterman
Alec Amato
Karen & Bert Amato
Norman Amato
Brianna Ames
Shuki Anavi
Deborah Anschell & Howard Shiffman
Arlene Anthony
George Apostol
Julia Appel
Anne Arbour
Dr. Gerald Arbus & Joy Wagner
Simon Arieli
Don Aronovitch
Joyce Aster
Elizabeth Atcheson
Sandra Atlin
Mindy Avrich-Skapinker
Svetlana Ayzenberg
Diana Azbel
The Azrieli Foundation
Larry Bacher
Tommy & Marilyn Bacher
Mary Bachoumis
Dana Baitz
Sofia Balanovsky
Eleanor (Hykie) Ballett
Alex Banc
Dr. Benjamin Barankin & Dr. Kimberly Liu
Laura Barkin
Simon Bartal
Shelley Baruch
Maria Basovitch
Naomi Bazak
Beaton Burke Young LLP
Barbara & Stanley Beck
Esti Bega
Boris Beliavsky
Natalia Ben Shimon
Elana Benayon
Mordechai Ben-Dat
Lea and Michael Bendes
Joseph Benedek
Michael Bennett
Lino Bettencourt
Polina Beylis
Shlomo Bibas
Shelley Birenbaum
Elena Bistrov
Sharon Black
Grigori Blinder
Cheryl & David Blinick
Iris Bliss
Elena Bloch
Amy Block
Jodi & Eric Block
Julia Blond
Rima Blumenfeld
Samuel Bobrik
Piers & Katie Bocock
Victoria Bocock
Susy & Avi Bogler
Leonard Borer
Nataly Bourloutsky
Raisa Braverman
Paula Brockman
Sofia Brodskiy
Andrea & Allan Bronstein
Daniel Brotman
Andrew Brown
Mitchell & Susan Brown and Family
Timothy Brown
Lee Ann Bryant
Evgenia Bubis
Leila Bull
Michael Burke
James Burn
Alexander Butovetsky
Vetta Butovetsky
Canadian Global Response
Henry Caplan
Judi Caplan Zelikovitz & Joel Zelikovitz
Phyllis Caplan
Marla Cappell
Caravel Law Professional Corporation
Howard Carr
Jessie Cartoon
Marlene & Frank Cashman
Claudia Chad
Adam Chapman
Elena Chasovskikh
Valeria Chelouche
Asya Cherniak
Beryl Chernick
Noah Chertkoff
Mauricio Chiprut
Alexander Cohen
Andrew Cohen
Eyal Cohen
Faye Cohen
Libby Cohen
Sharon Cohen
The Cohen Family – Niagara
Gwen & David Cole
Esther Cole
Monifa Colthurst
Susan Conacher
Conam Charitable Foundation
Congregation Beth Haminyan
Deborah & David Cooper
Mary Cruden & Peter Donolo
Allie Herzig Cuperfain
Seth Dalfen
Susan & Peter Dan
David Dannenbaum
Elizabeth Dannenbaum
John Danson
Iryna Dautov
Rita Davies
Minda & Moe Davis
Gerald Devins
Barry Dewitt
Sophia Dhalla
Peter Diamant
Mark & Shelley Diamond Family Fund the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Mathew Diamond
Miriam Diamond
Stephanie Didi
Vasili Dimitrov
Yulia Dimitrov
Tess DiPonio
Eda Dobrovetsky
Maria Dobrynina
Tamara Dolginov
Phil & Lisa Draper Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Mola Dubinski
Rafael Dubinski
Janet & Edwin Durbin
Wendy R. Eisen Endowment Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Joni Eisenberg
Sholom Eisenstat
Emerald Foundation
Joshua Engel-Yan
Jon Ennis
Edgar Erlich
Zigfrid Erlich
Miriam Erlichman & Eli Klein
Zlota Erlikh
David Factor
Lynn Factor & Sheldon Inwentash
Ronald Factor
Irina Farb
Pavel (David) Faynberg
Alexander Fedorovsky
Raya Feiner
Jordy Feldberg
Julie Feldman
Shlomi Feldman
Vivian Felsen
David & Maya Fine
Sasha Fink
Jefri Finz
First Narayever Congregation
Deborah Fisher & Jack Colman
James Flagal
Tamar Flanders
Elana Fleischmann
Marcie Flom
Mark Frankel
Norman Franks
Micky Fraterman
Mark Freiman
Olga Freiman
Tom & Jacqueline Friedland

Benita Friedlander
Susan Friedrich
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey and Annice Frisch Family Foundation
Naomi Fromstein
Sandra Frydman de Helfant
Sara Fuks
Zhanna Furman
Judith Gabor
Helen & Aladar Gal Memorial Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Joanne Gallop
Alyson Gampel
Geoffrey Gelber
Victor Genin
Ester (Fira) Gershman
Debbie Gilbert & David Lefkowich
Roudolf Giliadov
Nili Gilod
Elizabet Gindin
Julian Gitelman
Sharon Gladstone
Saul Glassen
Lorraine Glassman
Kathy Glazier
Susan Glick
Norman Godfrey
Sara Goel
Bella Gofman
Allan Gold & Lisa Nerman
Laura Gold
Rose Marie Gold
Bonnie Goldberg & Adam Abramson
Gary & Linda Goldberg
Martin Goldberg
Michael & Nancy Goldberg
Mira Goldberg-Poch
Ronald & Hilary Goldenberg
Cynthia Goldfarb
Sheldon & Fern Goldhar
Seth Goldsweig
Avi Gomberg
Bonnie & Jerry Good
Gloria Good Draper
Jonathan Goodman
Joshua Goodman

Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation
Shawna Goodman Todd Sone Family Foundation
Natalia Gorban
Svetlana Gordenko
Seth Goren
Veronika Granovskaia
Kelly Grier
Helene Griesman
Miron Grinev
Adam Gropper, Mikey Woolfson and Molly Gangbar
Ellen & Warren Grossman
Kenneth Gruber
Jeremy Grushcow
Marc & Ricki Grushcow
Guta Grushka
Sara Guerrero
Michael Gurevich
Michael Gurobachov
Gutfrajnd Family
Ellen Gutterman
Dr. Manor Haas
Sean Haber
Reza Hadisi
Libby Hague
Natalie Haimovitz
Moshe Hammer
Adam Handler
Ora Harris
Harzahav Fund
Madina Hasin
Jonathan Hausman & Stacy Rosen
Aliaksandr Hdalevich
Pamela Heifetz
Kenneth Held
Frances Hellen
Barbara Heller
Gila&Hart Heller Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Kate Hemblen & Glyn Thomas
The John Herbert Foundation
Elaine Herer
Sandra Herlick
Liza Hersh
Beth Herst
Marla Hertzman
Elise Herzig & Ron Cuperfain
Evgeni Hiller
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Marilyn & Jack Holtzman
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Robert Horwitz
Judith Howard
Judith Huebner
Adam & Jeanette Hummel
Maurice Iankelevic
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Alan Iny
Alla Ioffe
Jaqueline Israilovici
Evgenia Izraitel
Jeffrey Jackson
Elik Jaeger
The Jagelber Fund
Jewish Community Foundation of Calgary
Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA
Jewish Teen Board of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Dan Joffe
Keith Jones
JM Foundation
Alon Jourdan
Jocelyn & Leon Kadish
Mannie Kagan
Norman Kahn
Theodore Kahn
Ian Kalushner
Howard & Ilsa Kamen and Family
Robert Kanee
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Kuperman Family Foundation
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Lasry Family
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James Shenkman & Denise Zarn
Geraldine Sherman
Maya Sheynin
Elaine & Danny Shiff
Tatum Shiff
Reuven Shilensky
Svetlana Shkolnik
Tatyana Shkolnik
Grigory Shlimel
Edie Shore
Elad Shoval
Stella Shpayer
Anna Shremova
Alexsandr Shtein
Esfira Shvartz
Frida Shvarzman
Svetlana Sidorkin
Alisa Siegel
Mireille Siegel
Lynn Sigel
Ilya T. Silbar
Suzanne Silk Klein
Doreen Silver
Daniel Silverman
Pat & Pekka Sinervo
Singler Chapman Family Foundation
Carolyn Singman
Alexandra Sipos Kocsis
Elena Skorik
Elaine Slater
Jay Slater
Nahum Smirin
Gwendolyn Smith & Cynthia Freeman
Mitchel Smith
Jacquie Sobey
Herbert Sohn
Susie Sokol
Zvi Sokolovski
Francien Solitar
Constance (Chana) Solomon
Ana Soloveichik
Haym Soloveitchik
Didi Sommerman
Roman Sorokin
Josanna Sosnovsky
Reesa Soto
Norman Spector
Koby Spiegel
Randy E. Spiegel
Josh & Orli Stanley
Debra Steele
Elaine & Joseph Steiner
Linda Stephens
Thomas Stephens
Paul Sterescu
Arthur Stern
Phillip Stern
Anne Stilman
Philip Stilman
Judi & Allan Stoller
Dylan Strashin
Alena Strauss
Stephen Strauss
Itzhak Sudakevich
Keith Sullivan
Harrison Sversky
Leonard Swartz
Andrew Szende
Rachel Tal
Sherri & David Taras
Evelyn Tauben
Andrei Tchetvertnykh
Judith Teller Foundation
Avery Teplinsky
Seban Test
David & Myrna Thomas
Thorek Scott and Partners
Sonya Tishkovsky
TJRJ Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Michael Tkach
Michael Tkachov
Beverly Topping
Leonid Trachtenberg
Marci Trachter-Shane
Dick Trim
Jeffrey Trossman
Kasey Tsesler
Nelly Tsirulnikov
Eli & Ellen Turkienicz Family Foundation
Ilia Tyker
UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
Unilever Canada
Diana Ushcatz
Jacqueline Valmont
Leonard Vanek
Inna Vaserman
Esther Vernik
Evgeniy (Jenny) Vernik
Olga Vetcherebine
Sara Voldman
Ahuva Volik
Raisa Volotsky
Kon von Haehling
Waisberg/Bellwood Charitable Fund
Fred Waks
Shimona Waldston
Barry Walfish
David Walsh
Debra & Gary Walters
Steven Warsh
Brian Warshafsky
Steve Weber
Isaak Weinstein
Lesly Weinstein, CJPAC
Sharon Weintraub
Daniel & Karen Weisbrod
Sharon Weisbrod
Janice Weiss & Rick Zarnett
Wendolyn Reputation Management
Erin Werde
Howard Wetston
Cari Whyne
Gilda Ann Whyne
Wilansky Family Found at the Jewish Federation of Greater Toronto
John Wilson
Judith Wine
Lynda Wise
Nancy Wise
Jacob Wisse
Mitchell Wolfe
Samantha Wolfish & Laurie Permack
Women of Reform Judaism
Susan Woodland
Wendy Wright
Miriam Wyman
Roy Wyman
Doron Yakovlev Golani
Anatoly & Polina Yakubov
Dora Yakubove
Yuri Yarin
Aliza Yariv
Roslyn, Howard and Sue Yerman
Victoria Yusfin
Nazil Zaidov
Nancy Zalman
Beverley Zarnett
Ludmila Zaruvel
Vitaly Zayler
Bonnie Zelman & Philip Plotnick
Boris Zelman
Sam Zemtsov
Maxim Zigler
Elena Ella Zilberman
Inna Zilbert
Regina Zipina
Arnold Zipursky
Dayna Zipursky
Amalia Zisman
Bari Zittell
David Zitzerman & Karen Friedman
Moses, Libby and Sam Znaimer
Alexander Zolotnitsky
Natalia Zolotnitsky
Rochelle Zubcov & Mark Albert
Carole Herman Zucker Family Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto
Peter Zukovski z”l, In Memoriam
Anonymous (34)

Constituent Groups

Thank you to our constituent groups who, in partnership with JIAS Toronto, support vulnerable ewcomers without a support network in Canada.

Adath Israel Congregation
Afghan Association of Saskatoon
Beth Tikvah
Beth Tzedek Refugee Committee
Beit Tzion Shul
Bornstein Group
Camp Manitou
CHAI (Canadians Helping Asylum Seekers in Israel)
City Shul
Danforth Jewish Circle Social Justice Committee
Dawit Demoz, Family and Friends

DDDW Welcoming Group
Displaced Syrian Family Reunification
Freeman Family
Friends Together
Misra Group
The Naomi Project
Northern Lights Canada
Nebo’s Horizon
New Beginnings

Oraynu congregation
Toronto Harbour
Temple Sinai
Volunteers from Holy Blossom Temple
Westmoreland Refugee Support Group
Wadi Kaja Organization for Refugee and Immigrants
Y&D Group