New 2024 Haggadah Supplement

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JIAS Passover Haggadah Supplement 2024

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At the heart of Passover is the enduring commandment to retell the story of our journey from slavery to freedom. Installing the story of our Exodus from Egypt to the Land of Israel is a tradition, foundational to Jewish culture and identity. We do this as a reminder that our history is not just to be remembered but lived and learned from as we continue to seek justice and liberty in all corners of the world.

JIAS’s annual Passover supplement has become a staple at Seder tables across the community. It connects our ancient past with the pressing issues of our present and JIAS’s work today. Filled with stories, conversation starters, recipes, and activities, this supplement is for people of all ages and knowledge levels and will create relevant, engaging, and meaningful participation.

Weaving these narratives into our Passover Seders is one way to fulfil the commandment not just to tell but to teach—to foster empathy, understanding, and a sense of responsibility towards those still searching for their promised land. It is a call to action, reminding us that the journey towards freedom and dignity for all is far from over.

Download the JIAS Haggadah Supplement HERE.