February 8: JIAS Update: JIAS Update: One year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

January 18: JIAS Update: This year will be a milestone for the settlement sector


December 14: JIAS Update: 10 Remarkable Reasons To Celebrate 2022?

November 30: JIAS Update: What Does The World Cup Have To Do With Immigration?

November 16: JIAS Update: Protecting Unaccompanied Minors Entering Canada

November 2: JIAS Update: Public Opinion On Immigration And Refugees Brings Complex Emotions

November 2: JIAS Update: Public Opinion On Immigration And Refugees Brings Complex Emotions

October 19: JIAS Update: Welcome news for business and international students

October 4: JIAS Update: JIAS plays a pivotal role in reuniting a girl captured by ISIS with her family in Canada

September 21: JIAS Update: With gratitude and appreciation

September 7 JIAS Update: A seat at the national table

August 24 JIAS Update: Ukraine Independence Day brings mixed emotions

August 10 JIAS Update: One year, two crises

July 27 Ukraine Update: The superheroes among us

July 13 Ukraine Update: What can be done with leadership and agility 

June 29 Ukraine Update: The price of Canadian citizenship

JIAS marks World Refugee Day

June 15 Ukraine Update: We must not succumb to news fatigue

June 1 Ukraine Update: True settlement starts with housing

May 11 Ukraine Update: The Jewish values that guide us

April 27 Ukraine Update: JIAS attracts unprecedented number of volunteers

April 20 Ukraine Update: Rising friction among families and communities

April 13 Ukraine Update: Passover in a time of crisis

April 6 Ukraine Update: This situation is different

March 30 Ukraine Update: JIAS meets emerging needs

March 23 Ukraine Update: JIAS at the federal, provincial and municipal tables

March 16 Ukraine Update: JIAS welcomes arrival of Ukrainian nationals

March 9 Ukraine Update: JIAS will again answer the Jewish need with immediacy and vigour

March 2 Ukraine Update: Important Message from JIAS Toronto

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