Helping you build your personal and professional networks

Connect With Others

Connect With Others

JIAS Toronto helps newcomers become full and active participants in the community by providing meaningful opportunities to connect with others. An integral part of integrating into your new home is rebuilding your network. We want to connect you and your family to other people, organizations, programs, and opportunities.

JIAS Toronto helps children, youth, adults, employment seekers, families, and seniors feel welcome and engaged through these ongoing programs.


Information and Orientation

JIAS offers information sessions on housing, finances, health care, education, community services, and other topics to help you get familiar with life in Canada. Click here to see upcoming sessions and to register.

Mental Health and Well-being

We support newcomers who have experienced trauma, war, and persecution. We design customized programs to support the mental health and well-being of vulnerable newcomer populations. Click here to see upcoming sessions and to register.


Building a new professional network is critical for finding work in a new country. Our JumpStart program works with community professionals, former JIAS clients, and Canadian volunteers who share experiences, provide mentorship, and connect newcomers to their field of work. Click here if you are new to Canada and looking to further your career. We will connect you to people and resources in our community.

Connect to Community Life

Leaving behind friends and family can be difficult. JIAS connects newcomer youth, adults and seniors with other newcomers and Canadian volunteers to help you rebuild your social network. Click here (link to who?) to start rebuilding your community.

Jewish Community Connections

For newcomers to the GTA, JIAS acts as a bridge to the Jewish community. The community offerings can be overwhelming to Jewish immigrants and JIAS is here to help you navigate the options and identify authentic entry points to Jewish community life. Click here (link to who?) to connect with the Jewish community.

Informal Language Learning

JIAS offers programs for children, adults, and seniors to practice their English in an informal setting. We offer both virtual and in-person programs.